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The Big Sur Shuttle Survice is a Demonstration Project for the 2018 summer months. Connecting The Big Sur Station to Pfeiffer Beach Day Use Area with safe, reliable and guaranteed access.

The Shuttle exists in-response to the over capacity of Sycamore Canyon: The Canyon is a very long, windy, one lane road with pot holes the size of large pumpkins scattered about.  Its a wildlife corridor and a living ecosystem, and is the only access point for emergency services, short term visitors, and people who live up it's steep ravines and ridge lines. 

Today, the influx of humans and vehicle traffic is far beyond carrying capacity. Overcapacity is making access very dangerous for everyone and further ruining the visitor experience.

 At the current state of capacity, nobody wins.

The purpose of the Shuttle Survive is to reduce the amount of cars and traffic in Sycamore Canyon. In addition, The Shuttle will serve as a mobile interpretive center so that the riders can leave with a new local geographic literacy* that will better  add to the health and safety of Big Sur.
If the Shuttle can drastically reduce traffic, increase safety for all, and allow easier access for both short term and long term visitors alike, the Shuttle to the beach will be deemed a success. 


*geographic literacy- a sense of place, it's systems of ecology, it's narrative history and it's political trajectory