Why do I have to take a shuttle to the beach? In recent years, the overuse and overcapacity of Sycamore Canyon has sky-rocked. In busy months, the canyon has seen over 300 cars per day. Using a shuttle to access the beach is better for many reasons, including the fact that you will learn so much about Big Sur by riding the Survice Shuttle. 

Whats Sycamore Canyon? Sycamore Canyon is a wildlife corridor that needs to be protected. It's also a one lane road that residents of Big Sur use on a daily basis. The road was not designed to handle the amount of traffic it now experiences. 

Whats wrong with a little traffic? On busy weekend months (May-October) the canyon see's so much traffic that the health and safety of the area is greatly impacted. Additionally and equally important is the fact that the visitors experience is greatly diminished.

Isn't there a parking lot at Pfeiffer Beach? Yes, but there is also now a Shuttle. The Shuttle offers Guaranteed and Timely Access to the beach. No wait times at the top of the canyon. 

Why wouldn't I just go there? Two reasons; 1) The parking lot fills up very quickly, and when it's full there is no entry into the Canyon. 2) The road to Pfeiffer Beach is down Sycamore Canyon, a 2 mile, one lane road. In recent years over 250 cars per day have been counted going down the canyon. There are multiple bottle bottle necks, no places to turn out, and places that are not suitable for vehicles passing. 

Can I bring my dog on the shuttle? Yes, good dogs are allowed.

What about coolers, and bags, umbrellas and beach gear? Absolutely. The Survice Shuttle has roof racks.

Will the parking lot at the Big Sur station fill up? Yes.

Can the shuttle accommodate wheelchairs and  handicap? So that access is as easy as possible, we recommend that those with handicap placards drive straight to Pfeiffer Beach Day Use Area as they have multiple handicap parking spots. 




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